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Cotton Candy Pendant

Cotton Candy necklace by Don Biu

✤ Clear Quartz Crystal, Turquoise & Natural Amethyst Pendant with Handcrafted Granulation ✤

This made from scratch healing pendant necklace is has a large, glowing, Clear Quartz Crystal hexagonal pencil pendant. On top of this pendant is a hand cut natural Amethyst. This pendant is finished with black zircon all of the way around the top and a beautiful natural Turquoise Gemstone.

How big is it?

⊕ Approx 39 mm or 4cm long pendant
⊕ Approx 11 mm or 1 cm wide at the top
⊕ 18" Chain in solid 925 Sterling Silver

What is it made of?

⊕ Solid 925 Sterling Silver
⊕ Clear Crystal Quartz
⊕ Black Zircon
⊕ Natural Amethyst Crystal
⊕ Natural Turquoise

⊕ All Don Biu orders come ★gift wrapped★ in a reusable cloth, handmade bag.

☮ Peace and Love ☮

▲DON ⊕ BIU ▲


ॐ Custom Creations ॐ

For additional initials or crystals please convo me.


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Don Biu (pronounced Don - Be-You) means banana leaf in Balinese. My husband and I make our jewelry from the beginning, We buy 999 Silver, mix it to 925 Sterling and press it, melt it and shape it/engrave it to create each piece of jewelry we make. We studied how to do so for three years in the village of Celuk, famous for it's history in jewelry making since the kingdom era. Now we mix traditional styles we have learned with trends and out own ideas. Each one is our art and made with love. We charge prices as low as we can because we believe in living simply and spreading the love of what we do. We enjoy making jewelry together at our home, a one room hut on the beach in a banana patch in Bali. We also enjoy interacting with our customers and sharing our story so if you feel inclined, please don't hesitate to contact us.