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Simple Amber Hand Chain

I saw saw on some beautiful blogs that hand bracelets are in fashion and decided to try to make one myself. I am mainly a silversmith so chainmaille is new for me (I have made chains but not played around with them as body jewelry)

I first used the kind of chain I was seeing on the blogs and it was nice for one day and then snapped because with a hand chain you move your wrist a lot. I then went for a nice solid chain (the one in this listing) still delicate enough but also sturdy.

I wanted something not to flashy, more of a casual look for this one as an everyday kind of piece so I went with a minimal look.

I am very happy with how it turned out and wear mine everyday and hope you will too!

Please give me your ring size as the wrist is adjustable but I found it annoying to have the finger part adjustable to I made it fixed.


Amber is a powerful healer and cleanser of the body, mind and spirit. It also cleanses the environment.


19 cm adjustable around wrist
Please choose your ring size one size larger than you usually take.
8 cm from wrist to finger


99.9 Silver front stone border
Order is for one Amber and solid 925 Sterling hand chain

All Don Biu orders come gift wrapped in a reusable cloth, handmade bag.

Custom Creations

For additional initials or crystals please convo me and I can create a custom listing.

Peace and Love