Triple Crowned Natural Turquoise Ring



This pretty little turquoise ring is unique in design as it features three delicate natural turquoise gemstones and a hand braided band circling the whole band. It's Solid 925 Sterling Silver means that it will keep its shine and shape. Lastly, small silver granulation was applied between the stones for added detail.

How big is it?

⊕ Approx 1 cm long middle turquoise gemstone
⊕ Approx 4 mm wide band

What is it made of?

⊕ Natural turquoise gemstone
⊕ Solid 925 Sterling silver

Simply choose your US ring size at checkout.
The stones will be exactly the shape as pictured but different in tone and appearance as all genuine turquoise is unique and different.


⊕ All Don Biu orders come ★gift wrapped★ in a reusable aztec printcloth, handmade bag and gift card.

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